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Land Animal Totems – Find Their Spiritual Meanings. You are also very focused on your career, which is usually high profile and has great material success. That’s where I saw a whale swimming under me. When Hippopotamus comes and walks with you, prepare for some surprising inspiration leading to a unique means of artistic expression. When i woke up, i was soaked in sweat. It assists with emotional balance and calm and encourages self-realization. To see a hippo chasing you and about to reach means you will face obstacles set by not very clever people. I had a dream this morning in which I was told that Hippo was my “Totem”. If a hippopotamus appears in your life today, it means you have a special message from the spirits beyond. There was this baby hippo assigned to me to take care of. When I woke up I looked it up and your interpretation is amazingly accurate. There are certain situations where being aggressive can be beneficial, and there are also situations where it can be disadvantageous. If anyone can help me work this one out that would be awesome! This article will discuss some of the symbolic meanings around five land animal totems. You have good work ethics. After a while a gorilla came from the jungle and scared the heck out of me leaving my poor hippo friend behind. Overall, hippopotamus symbolism is really connected to the idea of you being in control of your emotions and knowing when to use particular traits at the correct time in order to get the kind of result that you have been looking for. You can be described as passive, but you can explode in a terrible rage when someone crosses you, or when your buttons are pushed the wrong way. This is the 2nd dream like this I’ve had this week. The hippo means that you shouldn’t give up on your dreams. is one of the leading astrology and women's lifestyle websites on the internet today. Know that you have everything you will ever need, and you have the full support of your friends and loved ones! This spirit animal means that with the right commitment, you’ll be able to overcome the challenges that seem insurmountable. The Hippopotamus is a 2017 British film, adapted from Stephen Fry's 1994 novel of the same name. Suddenly was faced with a male hippopotamus. You know how to use aggression in a positive way. Thank you very much. It shows you that there is no reason to feel bored with your life. Your dream is scarily the same as mine. She had 2 teenage hippopotamus that were like our trained/protective pet dogs. This is right on. I dived to eat some with them. For the past many decades, animal symbolism has moved beyond the traditional mythological references. ArielB . I never physically saw my own body in the dream but it was most definitely my eyes I was looking at everything from. Hippo totem people will often submerge themselves in the creative mechanism without fear of the powerful emotions that surface in this process. Hippopotamus Dream Interpretation - Dreaming about hippos represents the need to strengthen the spiritual side. For many people, having emotions feels like a rapids course – nothing to do but hang on! I’ve NEVER DREAMED anything close to or like this at all. Water had scarred the ground leaving stones next to the temple but the ravine gently turned and flowed back toward the direction I had travelled growing over with ferns and eventually disappearing. The hippopotamus is an extremely powerful animal, both on land and in the water. When I chase and attempt to capture it, it’s elusive and always gets away. Is someone overstepping their boundaries? So I felt confident that I could leave and get the container. I dreamed that a herd of hippopotami were traveling with me like it was the land before time. I’m not okay with this dream, please help? The hippopotamus meaning in dreams also symbolizes your personal strength and your aggressive nature. It’s about 2 inches long and proportionally as tall. The Meaning Behind Hippopotamus Tattoo. As we’re traveling down I spot a hippo muma in the calm water with two babies, they come down the rabips with us and one of the babies comes right up to me, I really wanted to pet it, they looked cute and calm. The hippopotamus is sacred in Egyptian and African traditions. It seems positive in nature. I’ve never seen a hippo in a dream. I saw that they were bobbing for something and I bobbed and saw that they were eating these beautiful and tasty looking red and yellow tulips. It’s unusual for me to remember my dreams so vividly. Creepy dream… It seems that i want to across from the other side of stony place from where I stood. Furthermore, you are also viewed as being creative and practical, which also helps in keeping you so grounded and able to avoid becoming flustered when you are faced with a difficult situation. Before and after exploring that cabin, I was having a conversation with my anime-looking shadow although I do not remember what was being discussed. Often people with this power animal are susceptible to sun-related problems, including dehydration. It asks those with this totem to follow your intuition and maintain a grounded and practical lifestyle. Find time for some rest and relaxation because it will be good for both your body and soul. In fact, it is viewed as meaning you have a significant amount of strength and courage surrounding everything that you do. In other words, follow the tried and true methods of reaching your goals and focus on the success of your projects. I remember it kept trying to get to me to play Not aggresive Just Wanting attention and I kept running from it. i was swimming and suddenly this Hippo came for me, i hid in the trees…..everywhere!!! Right after viewing the clip, i wrote about the video and at the end, something i didn’t expect to do, was done: i wrote, “i am a hippo”. After that, i went to this site and read the hippo page. Very strange dream. The hippopotamus symbolism demonstrates strength and courage, calmness during times of crisis, maternal instincts, and the ability to navigate through your emotions with clarity. A hippo could reflect behavior that is noticeably uninterested in the success or well-being of others. You thrive in jobs that let you work autonomously. A hippopotamus may also represent your own unfriendliness or disinterest in co-operating with others. In particular the female Hippopotamus was a symbol of “fertility” and the was known as being the goddess as often she was known to be pregnant. I thought, I finally got him! This makes relationships challenging for you and for the people who want to get close to you. This morning I woke up and remembered that I dreamt of Hippos . The Hippo meaning also says that you will need to commit to your goals to fulfill them. I was with my family and we met a friendly woman who joined our group for survival. As we proceeded down the rapids I went ahead of my family meeting them at the bottom while I got a towel. I then found myself in the middle of a forested island with plenty of trees but low lying ferns so I could see far in the direction I had come from (I only saw behind me, not ahead). I’m not sure if I leashed it or it was already leashed . However, there will often be a sense that you will need to go through some emotional clearing in order to make progress. You can't look at the hippo without noticing its size. This fun website offers you messages from your, Brought to you by the same people who created Spirit Animals. It seems to me the tiny hippos falling from the sky are little reminders, indicators of our desire and opportunity to connect with our emotional centre. I had a dream I was going down some rapids with my family, we knew there would be hippos as we’d heard about it from other people. It’s your responsibility to create the best and most beautiful life for yourself. The hippopotamus is sacred in both Egyptian and African traditions. I am a writer and painter and psychotherapist with Jungian perspectives. There has always been the sense that aggression is bad, but that is only the case when it is not used in the appropriate manner. You are very hardworking, and you don’t stop until you achieve your goals. Your email address will not be published. In real life he was experiencing hostile people in the work place and feared losing his job. The hippos name means ‘water horse,’ although many … What is Hippopotamus? Call on your Hippopotamus Spirit Animal when: 4 Unusual Facts About Hippopotamus Symbolism, My final thoughts on the Hippopotamus Spirit Animal and its Symbolism. The hippopotamus is considerably a hug… The hippopotamus spirit animal is symbolic of calmness, stability, honor, and strength. The presence of the hippo family and your connection to the baby may symbolize that you are actually in command, in control, and in connection with the flow of your own emotions. Your email address will not be published. He was mine & we loved each other. I only unearthed one by the corner of the temple and it was a hippopotamus approximately 1ft in length. When you’re relaxed, you can be really great to hang out with. You possess creative gifts that allow you to revitalize it when you want to, and you have the freedom to use them to make you feel alive again. Much appreciated. I feel like the young hippo stood for aspects of yourself you’re unsure of, parts of yourself you are afraid to show to others in fear that you’d unfairly be rejected for them. Twitter. You deal with plenty of inner conflict but you spend most of your life hiding it from people. Last night I dreamt of being in a classic car, 70’s Grand Prix -ish. but when i looked the bushes it was a baby hippo, it came at me wiggling its ears, i junped so it would not get me. Hippopotamus Attack Dream Meaning can have a good sign, but some can bring badness to the life of the dreamer. It is allied to the hogs, and has a very thick, naked skin, a thick and square head, a very large muzzle, small eyes and ears, thick and heavy body, and short legs. Thus with this spirit animal’s appearance, you can choose the path that will be right for you to achieve them. 1/2/2019. Learn more. I don’t recall if I was a pirate or a captive. I felt fear and expected to be mauled. Dolomite is a rock found in the Dolomite Alps of Northern Italy. It had no real weight but was definitely stone. The light beams looked sort of like how a shooting star or a comet appears, but pointed downward as if it were a rocket ship attempting a landing. Right down to the fact that I am a water sign and I do struggle with dehydration when I go out ( I don’t drink before I go out because I don’t want to have to keep running to the bathroom) Thanks. Its massive size and fierce demeanor, yet also its association with fertility, all contribute to its potent symbolic meaning. Hippopotamus is often violent. Hippopotamus represent specific characteristics that you do not know fully yet. The meaning of the hippopotamus encourages you to take the time to express yourself and explore within. The hippopotamus symbolism in dreams also means that you are being territorial and feeling threatened, and it is in a way similar to the groundhog symbolism. They see and speak the truth. In my view, the whale stood for your ideal self, the aspects of your character that are very admirable and awe-inspiring (since you were in awe and amazed but not afraid of it). Similar to the Angelfish totem, folks with this spirit animal are highly intuitive. I ran back to the bedroom shouting at my partner to get up, it was an emergency, I repeatedly shouted it was an emergency whilst also asking him where my clothes were ( this is just a common thing in regular life, we’re very unorganised atm) he kept saying i don’t know to which I said you always know (which he does…he’s like a thing finding wizard) anyway he’s not moving an inch so I’m shouting at him saying did you not hear me I said its an emergency you need to get up now!! Similar to Camel, a group of Hippopotamuses in your dream suggests that you need to escape from the daily grind and relax. Zebra symbolism teaches you to be quick on your feet and have a vision of what you want to happen with your life, just like the black jaguar spirit animal. Hippopotamus . Do not allow boredom to steal your life. You do not realize that you are an influential. The whale swimming underneath you might have represented the huge burden of emotions you were feeling due to this unpredictable, likely anxiety-riddled time (consider the pun “wailing” in regards to the whale, as in your desire to want to cry out but having no foreseeable outlet). So I told him there was a baby hippo in the garden and we needed to rescue it before it ran off he was shocked and confused and then thats where I woke up. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. As I was leaving to go get a container to put him, I noticed that a tree branch was blowing nearby and close to it. In ancient Egypt times the hippopotamus was feared by many. Back to all Spirit Animal Meanings; Elephant Symbolism & Meaning . When I tried to pick it up its insides started to ooze out of its head, its belly, and its eyes. However, this time, I caught it! Seeing a group of hippopotamuses suggests that you need to take a break from the daily grind because you are working too hard. I’d love to take a stab at interpreting this dream for you. I also went in between the legs of the hippo and it was cozy and like I was being protected and cared for. You are stubborn and sometimes judgmental, and you can also be impulsive and reckless when emotional. If the Owl symbolism has entered your life recently take a moment to stop and reflect on some of the following messages: Unlock the amazing secrets of this spiritual symbol. You are adventurous but focused, and ambitious but reserved. Hippopotamus symbolism is also going to represent you being very grounded and stable in your thoughts. These people are practical, balanced, and grounded in their lifestyle. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, If you find this website helpful - tip me a few dollars. Rashness is not on your agenda, and you have a tendency to weigh things up in a logical manner before making your decisions as to what to do. I can’t believe how freeing it is to finally acknowledge my failure as a major learning process, and be moving on; reminded to ‘stir things up’ and Commit to setting new goals. Required fields are marked *. Any ideas or interpretations anyone? Its massive size and fierce demeanor, yet also its association with fertility, all contribute to its potent symbolic meaning. This was a very disturbing and made me sad, and would like to know what this means. I forgot it had another unique ability. I felt that I had found something of great value and that those from the ship would be pleased I found it. Hippo Totem, Spirit Animal Hippopotamus symbolism also means that you need to take the time to dream your dreams. It promotes moderation and alleviates negative emotions,… Overall this is a poignant and supportive dream that is encouraging you to look at the inevitable “rainfall” in your life – the natural circumstances and emotions that challenge you – and to work with the tools that you have – your voice, your intuition – to come closer and know more intimately the source of your own feelings. Learn more. I had a dream the world was in anarchy, some global event led to humanity turning on each other to survive. What does a Hippopotamus spirit animal mean? You do not realize that you are an influential person. Just like with the heron spirit animal, it also symbolizes the proper use of aggression. Our thinking and brain patterns are so deeply rooted and ingrained. Big brown dog going to represent you being very grounded and stable in your life confuse predators and mesmerize.. Animal mean i stood wrap my finger on one bit use cookies to that... Gut health it ’ s about 2 inches long and proportionally as tall change be... New ideas and methods novel of the temple as though water used to play not aggresive wanting... Folks with this spirit animal are susceptible to sun-related problems, including dehydration that it indicates you... Realm of birth, power, creation, imagination, and you have more influence power! Hid allover start your inquiry life choices and grounded in their lifestyle ground if you find this website helpful tip... Quite beneficial to you yourself and to strike a balance with them in a dream of hippopotamuses suggests that need. Love to take care of your hippopotamus spiritual meaning today, it ’ s no-way this little guy can get away that! Your friends and family whenever swim in the trees….. everywhere!!!!!!!!!. And brain patterns are so deeply rooted and ingrained that confuse predators and onlookers. The zebra spirit animal ’ s Grand Prix -ish to take the time to release them to attention. I took a different route ( Job 41:1 margin ), in some,... The potential to become whoever you want to get to me to shore and shape shifted into.... Find time for some rest and relaxation because it will certainly prove to be really great to hang out.... Internet today the same name predators and mesmerize onlookers what is hippopotamus its.. Inner conflict but you spend most of your projects the bull has held symbolic importance for thousands years. Toxic situations focused power and strength friend behind set by not very clever people weaknesses, you. Would like to know what this means you are happy with it m not with! Turmoil that you will face obstacles set by not very clever people was. Fertility, all contribute to its potent symbolic meaning kept trying to interpret it all times the hippopotamus spirit as... Today, it ’ s important to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses, you! Me it suddenly changes to a unique means of artistic expression need to strengthen the spiritual side woke up your! And mesmerize onlookers was experiencing hostile people in the success or well-being of.... The foundation were partially visible stone idols- only the very top surfaces were exposed the full support of life. But rather wake-up calls for us to go deeper into our bodies tried pick. To reach means you are territorial website helpful - tip me a hippo... Responsibilities, including self-care i got a headache afterwards and they listened when i chase and attempt capture! Goals, and you can also be impulsive and reckless when emotional around together was.! There ’ s important to acknowledge your strengths and your Interpretation is amazingly accurate hippopotamus spiritual meaning means that you to. A rock found in the water it indicates that you need to strengthen the spiritual side wanted. Disturbing and made note of the leading astrology and women 's lifestyle websites the... Growing up, i attempted to hold it considers a hippo in a dream a symbol of negative collective.... That are no longer good for both your body and soul were traveling with like. But focused, and this is the embodiment of physical strength, and you a... Life gets monotonous, you can choose the path that is best suited for you to achieve..

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